Investor protection in Switzerland, the Financial Services Act (FinSA)

The Financial Services Act (FinSA) entered into force in January 2020. With a transition period of two years, most of the requirements are applicable as of January 2022. The main objective of this law is to strengthen investor protection.

Bank Syz Ltd and its supervisory authority

Bank Syz Ltd is subject to the Federal Banking Act and is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).

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Contact FINMA

Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA
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Client classification

FinSA divides clients of financial service providers into retail clients, professional clients and institutional clients. This classification ensures additional regulatory protection and is based on a person’s individual financial circumstances or level of knowledge, experience and financial expertise, or the size of the company defined by law or professional treasury. Unless we inform you otherwise, you will be classified as a retail client, giving you the most comprehensive level of client protection. Provided you meet the necessary requirements, you can request a change in your classification. To do so, please contact your client advisor.

More information on the various client classifications can be found here:

Risk information

There are risks associated with financial services and financial instruments. It is therefore important that you understand these risks before using a financial service or making an investment decision.

The brochure “Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments”, issued by the Swiss Bankers Association, contains general information on financial services and financial instruments. Please read this brochure carefully before signing a contract or taking an investment decision. Do not hesitate to contact your client advisor if you have any questions.

The risk brochure can be found here:

You can obtain a physical copy of the brochure from your client advisor.

Product information

FinSA introduces a Key Information Document to help clients make informed investment decisions. It contains information about the characteristics of products as well as its risks and costs, and makes it possible to compare different financial instruments.

You will find the individual Key Information Documents and comparable information sheets – if provided by the issuer – on our website:

You can also obtain these documents in printed form from your client advisor on request.

Best execution

It is our aspiration to obtain the best possible result for you on a consistent basis and equal treatment when we execute transactions on your behalf, even if we make use of third-party financial institutions. In any given situation, we apply so-called best execution principles. If you have any question, please contact your client advisor.

Cost information

Both Banque SYZ SA and third parties (e.g. fund managers) may incur costs and fees in connection with the provision of financial services. Information on the actual costs and fees of the financial services can be obtained from your client advisor.


Your satisfaction is our priority. If we fail to meet your expectations at any time, please contact your client advisor. Together we will find a way to resolve the issue.

If you are not fully satisfied with our proposed solution, you can contact the Swiss Banking Ombudsman, an independent agency responsible for mediation proceedings with our clients.

Swiss Banking Ombudsman
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P.O. Box
8021 Zürich