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Strategic transformation delivers growth across all Syz Group divisions 06 April 2022

Its strategic realignment completed, the Syz Group recorded in 2021 an operating profit in all three of its divisions: Bank Syz, Syz Capital and Syz Asset Management. [...]

Syz Capital partner with Saturnus Capital to take controlling stake in leading German Pharmaceutical Logistics firm, SK Pharma 02 February 2022

SK Pharma is one of Germany’s leading pharmaceutical pre-wholesalers Syz Capital is a boutique private markets investor providing exclusive access to niche investments in private equity and alternati [...]

Bank Syz boosts Swiss expansion with strategic acquisition 04 January 2022

Bank Syz is strengthening its domestic footprint and gearing up to accelerate its growing Swiss German business with the strategic acquisition of independent asset manager, BHA Partners AG.

Bank Syz hires Swiss country head to spearhead domestic expansion 23 November 2021

Bank Syz has appointed Dominik Staffelbach as Head of Switzerland to lead its domestic expansion strategy. 

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