Syz Capital is an independent asset manager focused on illiquid and liquid investments. It offers clients access to hard to access, niche opportunities across direct private equity, special situations, uncorrelated strategies and hedge funds. Our goal is to identify investment segments often overlooked by investors because of their size, complexity or inadequate duration.

Investing in alternatives has always been part of our DNA. The Syz family has been investing in private companies for over 200 years and in hedge funds since 1980. Illiquid and liquid investments represent an important part of the world economy and require deep expertise to properly assess or access. These investments can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns with a powerful diversifying effect in a broader portfolio.

Our mission is to offer like-minded investors the opportunity to invest alongside ourselves in hard to access opportunities. Our team can help you find the right investments to complement your portfolio at the appropriate levels of risk and liquidity. Co-investing with us means that our interests are completely aligned, and you're never alone when shouldering a risk. 


Why private markets? Because it’s too big to be ignored. Out of the $112tr investable assets, only $6.5tr are private markets (private equity and real assets).  They represent an important part of the world economy, yet are difficult for most investors to access.

Historically, investors could rely year in, year out, on returns from their portfolios. This was largely  thanks to a balance between fixed income and equities, but now, with negative sovereign debt yields putting an end to risk-free returns, portfolios have less room for error and take much longer to recover from a loss. This makes traditional portfolios less forgiving of investment mistakes and reasonable returns harder to achieve.

We believe, and our personal experience shows,  that exposure to illiquid assets through the economic cycle can deliver healthy returns over time – offering a good risk / reward opportunity. Investing along side you keeps our focus sharp, as we work to spot risks and build portfolios that are driven by value. That means we design investments that will defend your capital from downturns while being ready to seize opportunities in a crisis. We provide these in investments as diverse as distressed assets, private equity or specialized financing. Our specialized team has decades of experience in direct investments, secondaries, funds and operational excellence across a diverse range of illiquid asset classes.     

At Syz Capital, we believe that diversification is key. Financial literature and empirical evidence demonstrate that private markets can deliver superior returns compared to traditional asset classes. Experience shows that investors often benefit from attractive diversification when private market investments are included as part of a broader portfolio of assets.


Our clients come to us because we work with some of the best and most well-known providers of liquid alternatives, including hedge funds and multi-manager strategies/funds of hedge funds, many of whom are closed to new investors. Because we only offer you what we believe and invest in ourselves, you can be sure that when we discuss your portfolio, the only focus is on finding the right solutions for you.

We provide a full range of services ranging from advisory or discretionary dedicated managers  to funds of hedge funds in offshore or UCITS format (also available as a white label). No solution is off-the-shelf, and our focus is on offering you investments that we trust, based on our deep experience and expertise of alternative funds. That means that no two portfolios are constructed in the same way, and potential conflicts of interest are minimised because they are clear and well-signposted.

Our dedicated team has worked for more than two decades in liquid alternatives. Each has chosen to work at Syz so that they can focus on helping clients build the portfolios that make the most sense for them

Working hand-in-hand, the Liquid Alternatives and Private Markets teams at Syz Capital complement one another’ skills, searching out the best alternative investments for our clients to suit their individual risk profiles, investment horizons and liquidity needs. This means that each client has a unique conversation about liquid and illiquid alternative strategies, and works with us to identify the best approach and solutions to access private markets or funds for them.

Some of our clients bring their own investment ideas, and ask for help putting them into practice.

Whatever your investment ambitions, we can tailor opportunities in private equity, thematic funds, alternative credit, multimanager strategies, special situations or uncorrelated strategies and hedge funds – sophisticated opportunities that most investors are excluded from.

In every case, our conviction since our founding remains that an exposure to alternative investments can benefit every investor and add diversity to returns and, appropriately managed, improve the resiliency and risk balance of your portfolio.

With us by your side, we can help you access a complex investment world and potentially unlock significant value.


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