Giving you a direct line to our investment expertise, we can manage your wealth on a discretionary basis – where we use our knowledge and knowhow to make investment decisions on your behalf. Or, if you have the time and expertise to plan your own investment path, our advisory service gives you all tools you need to make your own investment decisions. Either way you’ll benefit from our focus on performance and service that underpin everything we do.

However you decide to work with us, Syz Multi-Custody offers you access to our investment expertise and the benefits of our excellent track record without the fuss of changing banks. Choosing to be a Syz Multi-Custody client doesn’t mean added complications. We use a secure, flexible platform for all our investment reporting that integrates seamlessly with your existing bank. This means that all your important information is stored securely, taking the hassle out of working with multiple advisors. Our platform gives you real-time access to information including performance calculation and attribution for all the funds we manage for you, as well as portfolio valuation.

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