There’s more to Syz than meets the eye. Explore our approach and discover the things that are helping us create the future.

Focused on performance

We’ve been focused on performance from day one. We founded our business on the quest for good long-term investment performance and personal service.

Alternative pioneers

We’re alternative pioneers. We pioneered the concept of offering private clients alternative investments. We started with hedge funds - revolutionary at the time - and we’ve kept up the innovation by democratizing private equity – opening it up to clients who are usually excluded from the opportunities it presents.

We take the risk first

We believe that if an opportunity is right for us, then it could be right for a client too. That’s why you’ll often find us investing our own capital alongside our clients.

Sharing your horizon

We share the same horizon as you. Like all family businesses we can take a genuinely long-term view. Because we don’t have many shareholders we’re never hostage to the need to deliver short term quarterly returns.

Entrepreneurial spirit

We’re entrepreneurs. Being an entrepreneurial, founder-led boutique business means we’re always looking for better ways to deliver great performance and service. Innovation is key to us, but we’re always mindful of risks and obsessed with protecting as well as growing our clients’ wealth.

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