Our core team is proud of its fixed income expertise, developed through working together for more than two decades. We understand that our clients depend on our disciplined approach to manage their fixed income assets in line with their specific needs.

More and more clients consider ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria in their investment decisions. To meet their needs, we offer an unbiased way  that adapts to their unique requirements. Developed over a number of years of experience in evaluating fixed income securities, this approach may take into account any type of ESG-exclusions or ESG-focus to help build a portfolio that can mimic exposure to a traditional bond index. A concrete implementation of a such customised fixed income portfolio is our Green Bonds Investment Solution: it offers in an effective way to proactively support the vital transition to a carbon-neutral economy by investing in investment-grade securities that might otherwise be overlooked by a portfolio focused on excluding particular industrial sectors.

However you define your portfolio objectives, the team’s mantra/sole purpose is maximizing returns within the guidelines you have selected.


Doing good. Doing well.

Businesses with a good environmental, social and governance (ESG) track record do well. This isn’t wishful thinking, it’s backed by solid research.

Because they are up-to-date with changing legislation, because they understand and tap in to societal trends, and because they have a desire to do the right thing as well as to make a profit, they generally make the best long-term investment opportunities.

We’re in business to help our clients to do well too. That’s why we constantly search for investments that have the potential to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns while we explicitly factor in the ESG viewpoint (ESG integration).

The values we share hinge around trying to do the right thing for clients, employees, shareholders, consumers, communities and the environment. Doing good things, not bad ones. Data shows that doing good usually pays off, not just for the greater good but for investors too.

So, when it’s supported by a robust process, backed up with data science, and held together with a clear set of shared values, investing by considering ESG criteria is a proven way to do well. And we think that makes good investment sense.

Syz - Doing good. Doing well.

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