Acknowledged expertise

Alternative investing is part of our DNA and hedge funds are one of our specialties. Our 20-year track record and over USD 2 billion invested in hedge funds make us a acknowledged specialist in this asset class. We have developed unique skills in these complex areas: assessment and selection of external managers, creation of portfolios decorrelated from the performance of traditional asset classes and the administrative handling of transactions.

Mastering the complexity of hedge funds
is our speciality

A secure investment approach

Our priority is to protect your capital. Which is why we invest in funds that have an absolute performance objective, i.e. obtaining a positive result every year rather than beating a market index. We include risk management upstream of portfolio building. We focus on an analysis of the statistical and factorial correlation to understand the behaviour of each fund based on the market environment.

The best way to win,
is not to lose

We then optimise your capitals' growth. To do so, we select the best international asset managers. We then choose the most promising funds based on our in-depth analysis, which combines quantitative criteria and qualitative assessment. Last, we build a portfolio to measure for you and we define the right strategy with you, based on your objectives and the nature of your investments.

I have been investing in hedge funds since the 1980s.
Eric Syz
Eric Syz Group CEO

The advantages of hedge funds

The hedge funds manage their capital dynamically using sophisticated management techniques including arbitrage, derivative products, leverage and short selling. Which means that they can ensure positive performance regardless of the markets. Given their absolute performance objective, hedge funds have an asymmetrical risk/return profile, i.e. prospects for growth are greater than the risk of a decline. Given that hedge funds are less correlated to the traditional markets, they provide an interesting source of diversification for a global portfolio.

What better proof of commitment is there than investing your own funds alongside those of your clients?

The current economic environment is particularly favourable for alternative management. Historically narrow spreads facilitate mergers and acquisitions and high share valuation levels make long/short investments more attractive. Likewise, the absence of clear trends in the markets favours arbitrage strategies and increases the appeal of flexible and active management. The managers understand this very well and often invest their own capital alongside that of their clients.

Through capital protection, hedge funds represent added value in the portfolios of our investors.
Sherban Tautu
Sherban Tautu Head of Liquid Alternatives

Two offers suited to your goals

With Discretionary Management, we advise you on your investment decisions. We build a tailored investment strategy based on our high-performance institutional approach. After defining your objectives, we select the appropriate asset allocation based on our scenarios and formally determine your individual investment policy. We then manage your fund portfolio based on the selected profile. We continuously monitor risk and provide you with periodic detailed reports and quantitative analyses.

The real achievement is reflected in one number: At equal performance, we obtain 65% less risk than the equities markets.
Global Investment Solutions

With Active Advisory, you make investment decisions based on our informed advice. Each month, we suggest investments suited to your profile in the form of investment ideas in selected funds as well as sell recommendations. We help you build solid portfolios which account for the correlation between funds and other risk factors. We also provide you with access to funds normally closed to new investors and organise meetings with our experts.

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