We built our business on listening to clients, the quest for good performance and delivering great service – revolutionary thinking then and now.

We went on to be among the first to offer liquid alternative investments to private clients. More recently, we’ve democratised private equity by offering the chance to invest alongside us in companies with promise – hidden gems - across the globe. And along the way, we’ve sparked countless tiny revolutions in the way we protect and grow our clients’ wealth.

As the world moves into uncharted territory, we’re there by our clients’ side, helping them to navigate turbulent times and explore new opportunities. Inspired by the generations of Syz entrepreneurs that came before us, our family values are more vital today than ever before – preparing us for a truly sustainable future.

We’re an entrepreneur-led family business connecting with likeminded entrepreneurs, families and individuals across the globe, serving them with expertise and innovation.

We’re determined to carry on looking forwards, thinking differently, stretching possibilities and uncovering innovative ways for our clients to protect, grow, enjoy, transmit and give purpose to their wealth.

Syz – for the future.

Our expertise

Market Insights

Market Insights

The best investment decisions always start with a thorough understanding of the economic environment. Whether you are a private client looking for a trusted partner to manage a discretionary mandate or for investment ideas from our advisory team, success depends on a deep understanding of the macroeconomic climate and a disciplined investment process and risk framework.

Whatever kind of investments you make in partnership with us, we can pilot your portfolio in line with the economic environment, your goals and risk preferences. You can depend on us for secure safeguards, candid advice, long-term strategy and practical investment solutions that offer dependable performance and clear reporting.

Asset allocation

Asset allocation

We help our clients meet their investment goals by either managing their assets or providing them with our expert advice.

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