You can access our services via a partnership-based approach, allowing you to focus on what is most important: the growth of your business.

Thanks to our solid methodology and timely decision-making processes, we can meet all of your needs and provide added-value at each step of the value chain.

We offer you and your clients all of the guarantees you would expect from a custodian bank. Our equity structure plays an important part in this - our liquidity ratio puts us well above Swiss regulatory requirements, which are among the most stringent in the world.

Our investment proposals and advisory services are impartial and geared to the " buy side ". They range from asset allocation to the selection of securities and funds, and include market hedging products. Thanks to our expertise in financial engineering, we can create dynamic certificates and structured products that meet your own specifications. In addition, we collaborate with specific partners that enable you to access private equity investments.

Our team numbers 20 highly-trained experts, each convinced of the independent manager business models ability to add value and sustainability. Every independent asset manager has a designated client relationship manager - their single-entry point, enabling them to take full advantage of the Syz Group's wide-ranging expertise, including strategic advisory assistance, trading and operational management.

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