SYZ AM recognised as top ten Swiss ESG provider

Monday, 11/23/2020

SYZ Asset Management (AM), the institutional asset management arm of the SYZ Group, was ranked in the top ten ESG asset managers in Switzerland by the Hirschel & Kramer Responsible Investment Brand Index (RIBI TM) 2020.

Monday, 11/23/2020 - 20:53

This recognition is the result of making ESG integration a key quality for SYZ AM over the last few years, in keeping with growing client demand. SYZ AM, which primarily invests the assets of Swiss institutional clients in bonds and money market instruments, applies a thorough ESG analysis on all its investments. All securities are reviewed on a quarterly basis with regards to their sensitive sector exposure, overall ESG rating, as well as any potential controversies.

Furthermore, SYZ AM manages the first Swiss domiciled Green Bonds fund. Its portfolio manager, Sacha Bernasconi played an instrumental role in developing this investment solution, that proactively supports a sustainable carbon-neutral economy and the two-degree goal of the Paris COP21 Climate Change Conference.

The third edition of the RIBI report evaluates 284 European ESG providers on their commitment to sustainable development, as well as how they are able to translate this into brand value. By breaking down its analysis country by country for the first time, the report finds the Swiss market is on par with the global ESG average and boasts some global leaders too.

SYZ AM is classified as a ‘traditionalist’ asset manager – signalling it ranked above average on ESG commitment and below average on its brand rating. The commitment rating focuses on hard factors such as the level and quality of listed equity voting, while the brand rating focuses on soft factors such as the existence of a purpose statement and the quality of its expression.

Daniel Hannemann, CEO at SYZ AM, says: “Being named as one of the top ten Swiss managers in the RIBI report is a reflection of our efforts over the past several years to prioritise environmental, social and governance considerations, which are increasingly at the forefront of our and our clients’ minds.”

“As a long-term investment partner, we listen closely to our clients and constantly strive to develop future-focused investment solutions to meet their evolving needs. We look to deepen our ESG offering over the coming years and reflect this in our brand, while responding to the shift to a higher risk tolerance from our clients due to the low yield environment.”