Banque SYZ welcomes Adrien Pichoud as chief economist

Thursday, 07/23/2020

Adrien Pichoud has been appointed to the role of chief economist for the Swiss private banking boutique. Pichoud, who has had a successful multi-decade career in applying economic insight to multi-asset portfolios, is responsible for driving the macroeconomic vision of the bank, as it navigates clients through uncertain times and the Japanification of western markets.

Thursday, 07/23/2020 - 08:38

In his new role, Pichoud reports to Luc Filip, head of private banking investments at Banque SYZ. He also works closely with private bankers, providing them with regular insights on the bank’s macroeconomic views as they guide clients through the evolving landscape.

Pichoud joins the private bank from the asset management arm of SYZ Group. This follows a transformative year for the business, which saw the specialist bank concentrate efforts on serving its private client base and broadening the offering of alternative solutions available to these investors – through the expansion of SYZ Capital.

The private banking arm of SYZ Group continues to deliver strong investment performance underpinned by a robust, systematic, institutional-style investment process and has successfully navigated investors through the market swings caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Pichoud has been with the Group since 2010, when he started as a fixed income fund manager. He has held multiple roles at SYZ Asset Management, notably chief economist and, most recently, head of total return strategies. Prior to this, he was an economist with French brokerage firm Global Equities for seven years.

The team-based approach which is built on the SYZ philosophy of flexible asset allocation and sound risk management already saw Pichoud working closely with the bank’s investment team in his previous roles, through regular discussions about the macro environment. In his new role, Pichoud will continue to manage multi-asset and fixed income funds based on the SYZ philosophy and investment approach.

Filip says: “We are thrilled to welcome Adrien to the private banking side of SYZ. He brings a wealth of expertise, and his years of experience analysing the macroeconomic environment will benefit the next generation of investors and entrepreneurs we work with.”

Pichoud adds: Last year’s uncertainties and this year’s coronavirus shock remind us that investment isn’t a long calm river and that we have to stand ready for unexpected risks and opportunities. Nevertheless, recent developments reinforce our view that the underlying structural trend of ‘Japanification’ of the developed world remains very much in place. Beyond episodes of volatility, we will continue to witness an environment where low rates and low growth push investors further afield in the hunt for yield and income.”

 “I look forward to helping Luc and his team guide SYZ clients into this low growth world. This will require carefully balancing upside and downside potential, which can undoubtedly be achieved with the full suite of solutions at their disposal.”