A demonstration of our strength

We offer you and your clients all of the guarantees required of a custodian bank. In this respect, our equity is particularly important and our liquidity ratio puts us well above Swiss regulatory requirements, which are among the most stringent in the world.

We are also sheltered from the most significant bank risks because we focus exclusively on wealth management and we limit our transactions on our own behalf.

Our strength is expressed in the way we carry out our activities.

Risk reduction is a constant concern. This is demonstrated by the fact that risk analysis and management are are included in our processes, teams and products.

SYZ Independent Asset Managers

Our independence

As a family business and independent banking group, we can legitimately advise you over a long-term, profitable relationship.

Our family shareholding and long-term vision protects us from market pressures and conflicts of interest.

Our expertise and dedicated solutions

We provide independent managers with high-level services that make SYZ a worthy partner for effectively meeting the constraints and challenges of the current environment.

We also have long-term experience in analysing and selecting external products and services. We optimise the entire value chain and meet the highest expectations by providing a single point of contact.

Wealth management is best measured by its performance.

Our ability to listen

We know that independent managers need a responsive bank able to innovate and challenge the established model. You've grown  your business and adapted to complex market conditions. Like you, we are on the ball.

We can build a shared future together with a relationship built on trust. Together we can monitor the evolution of this unique and increasingly successful business model.

SYZ Independent Asset Managers

Flexibility paired with effectiveness

We're able to take quick and effective decisions due to our size and organisational model. As a result, we can provide you with a team of fully dedicated professionals and a wide range of specially-tailored services.

Given that our goal is performance, we can already guarantee you a fruitful collaboration by setting up tailored products.

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