Syz Group unveils future-focused rebrand

Tuesday, 02/16/2021

The Syz Group has unveiled a new brand identity as it celebrates 25 years of business. Syz was created in 1996, challenging wealth management’s status quo with innovative approaches to creating value for clients. The Group’s new brand identity captures this pioneering spirit.

Tuesday, 02/16/2021 - 08:10

Syz has continually evolved, starting with alternative investments that offered a revolutionary approach to helping clients thrive through investments complexity, with a win-win and transparent fee structure. Since then, the Group has continued to innovate to protect and grow clients’ wealth.

The Group carried out a client experience survey last year, which showed how technology helped to not only maintain but often significantly increase engagement with our clients, despite the pandemic’s challenges. Many clients shared with us that they were looking for wealth planning, private market investments, advisory and discretionary solutions. The brand relaunch, that we believe reflects who we are, how our clients perceive us and what makes us different, is part of Syz’s ongoing investments to better connect with those who entrust their wealth to us.

The redesign mirrors the entrepreneurial focus on building wealth from one generation of clients to the next. It illustrates the spirit that has driven our business and offering from the very start. 

The new brand logo and signature intend to underscore our commitment to clients, embodying the Syz business’ mission – an eagerness to listen, to deliver strong performance and excellent service for our clients. “For the future…”, Syz’s signature, captures the business’ sustainable and innovative approach, offering our clients tailored advice for the long-term. It combines a commercial leadership strategy with an emphasis on our clients’ future plans and wellbeing, thereby connecting the business’ identity with its purpose.

“The last two years have been all about re-positioning our business for the long term, in line with our clients’ needs,” says Eric Syz, CEO of Group Syz. “2020 has been deeply challenging for everyone, but it has reminded us that looking to the future remains the very best way to grow and preserve wealth. The recognition that the world is changing and changing fast has been essential in helping us to successfully navigate markets safely for the well-being of our clients and colleagues.” The Group’s institutional approach has been yielding reliable and consistent results over the years, and again positioned clients’ discretionary account performance well ahead of its peers last year again.

“Our rebrand is particularly timely and important, as we wish to remind clients of our commitment to continually evolve and deliver new opportunities while building on what works already,” said Mr Syz. “It also draws on insight from stakeholders from across the business – we want everyone at Syz to be able to identify with and be an ambassador of our brand. It is crucial that our image accurately reflects who Syz is and what we stand for.”