Investing with purpose

Monday, 11/11/2019

SYZ has completed its latest sustainable finance solution, supporting trees planting globally.


Monday, 11/11/2019 - 09:08

As part of its responsible investment strategy, Banque SYZ supported BNP Paribas’ commitment to a reforestation initiative, linking its sustainable investments’ offering with tree planting around the world acting together with Reforest’Action.

The innovative investment solution combined a certificate with a dynamic combination of cash, bonds and equities drawn from some of the best mutual funds in the environmental and thematic fields, all the while participating in forest restoration. For every EUR 1000 invested responsibly, one tree is planted.

As part of its commitment to a future of sustainable investments, Banque SYZ matched each client funded tree with a second one.

“We are proud to say that, together with our investors, Banque SYZ has planted 23,294 trees in Indonesia, Madagascar, Spain and Portugal”, said Carole Millet, who led the product offering with Manuel Terreault at Banque SYZ.

“At SYZ, we’ve long understood the connection between values and adding value. That’s why we’re working to integrate ESG in our business and focusing on taking an active part in the management of the businesses we invest in”, added Nicolas Syz, Head of Private Banking.

“ESG investing is a movement that’s impossible to ignore – we’re convinced that it combines sound investing principles with the opportunity to have a positive impact on our planet”, he then added.

About Reforest’Action

Reforest'Action is a socially responsible company, founded in 2010, with the aim to protect the environment and fight against deforestation. Reforest'Action projects of reforestation in the world have a double objective: restore degraded forests and contribute to the socioeconomic development of the people through the trees. These initiatives are conducted locally by private partners (social enterprises, NGOs...) in connection with public bodies (municipalities, regional councils, academies ...). Trees planted on the ground are followed over time by foresters and agricultural engineers. Reforest'Action also raises awareness of the preservation of forest biodiversity, in particular during species observation missions organized alongside plantation operations. Since its inception, Reforest’Action has planted more than 4 million trees in the world. More information: