Innovation is part of our DNA and as responsible investors, we know that the future belongs to those who will be able to create new solutions that generate performance while integrating environmental, social and governance criteria. These challenges represent great opportunities for companies that embark on this path, especially in terms of innovation and creation of new jobs.

In 2017, we offered our private clients the first bond distributed in Switzerland linking private investors directly to the SDGs. Returns are based on the performance of companies that advance SDG priority issues, including the fight against global warming, the end of poverty, gender equality, improved health care and building sustainable infrastructure.

Taking action, it's together and it's now.
Carole Millet Senior Investment Advisor

Our mission today is to rethink the finances of tomorrow and create new solutions to protect capital and income for future generations.

This is the reason why we are committed to making the impossible possible by working with recognized organizations such as the World Bank, so we can invest effectively while supporting large-scale projects with proven results.

Today, we are looking to the future by developing safer, more diversified, and profitable solutions with recognized partners.
Nicolas Syz
Nicolas Syz Head of Private Banking

Our long-term investment policy integrates sustainable development objectives combined with our investment know-how, we are able to implement attractive investment solutions that bring investors tangible projects in need of financing, while targeting attractive potential returns.

We work relentlessly with leading partners to develop innovative investment solutions for our clients and enable them to play an important role in transforming our economy and shaping the world of tomorrow.

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