Tailored services for our clients

High-end service is the cornerstone of our success. Discretionary or advisory management, traditional or alternative products: together we build solutions that match your risk profile and provide you with our renowned investment skill.

The best portfolio is
the one that's right for you

You are at the heart of our approach, which means that we go beyond simply managing your portfolio with our wealth planning expertise.

We employ rigorous, innovative and disciplined investment processes. Our approach is based on institutional techniques and is expressed through sophisticated tools, specifically used to reduce volatility and risk.

Our preference is for active management as a way to create value and ensure sustainable performance. We also challenge both preconceptions and ourselves to always provide you with the optimal solution.

Creating performance

A bank you can trust

By definition, our banking activities are low-risk because we do not offer commercial credit and we are not an investment bank.

On the contrary, we limit transactions on our own behalf and our equity largely exceeds Swiss legal requirements, which are among the most stringent in the world.

Our only objective is to provide satisfaction to our clients.
Nicolas Syz
Nicolas Syz Head of Private Banking

Our family shareholding guarantees our independence and our sustainability. Our long-term vision protects us from conflicts of interest and our recommendations are exclusively based on our own convictions.