Our vision

We are a leading and independent Swiss family-owned financial group, offering investment solutions to both private and institutional clients around the world. We employ a long-term, conviction-based investment approach that enables us to deliver sustainable and superior risk adjusted performance. Our entrepreneurial roots, investment culture and innovative mind-set promotes an environment for talented people. Moreover, we believe in fostering trust through transparent alignment of interests and a client-centric approach.


We challenge the status quo, follow our investment principles, believe in our convictions, find effective solutions and aim for excellence. We rely on these values with a single goal in mind: to create performance.


We are always working to improve the quality of our services. To achieve our goal, we draw the best talent and use the most advanced tools available.

Questioning the status quo

We reject ready-made answers and preconceptions. As a result, we also know how to challenge ourselves to find the best solutions for you.

SYZ values


We innovate every day thanks to our approach, our ideas and our tools. We prefer to imagine tomorrow's solutions today, rather than follow others.


We decide alone and defend our strong convictions. With no pressure from outside shareholders, we're free to take decisions and invest for the long term. Our family shareholding provides the continuity and financing needed to build a solid group, beyond a single generation.

Everything we do is aimed to add value for our clients
Eric Syz
Eric Syz Group CEO

Entrepreneurial spirit

We're convinced that there is always an investment opportunity available to create value. We also know that investment requires in-depth study of the market and a very precise assessment of its profitability. We invest responsibly, which sets us apart as entrepreneurs.


We look to the future with enthusiasm. Our passion differentiates us and pushes us to constantly improve our performance. We're proud to always do more for you.