We innovate every day thanks to our unique investment model. Our award-winning approach combines all of the advantages of Swiss private banking with modern wealth management, primarily based on performance.

The quality of our services was recognised for the fourth consecutive year when we were awarded the "Best Private Banking Boutique" prize by the jury of the 2017 Global Private Banking Awards.

Global Private Banking Awards

High-end service is a cornerstone of our success. Discretionary or advisory management, traditional or alternative products. Our investment solutions match your risk profile and goals.

We cover all of your needs thanks to a 360° vision of your wealth. Our goal is to help you make the right choices: for succession and company strategy issues. Our experts are there to advise you.

Our company is client-centred.
Silvan Wyss
Silvan Wyss Head of SYZ Private Banking


Our family shareholding guarantees our independence and our sustainability. Sheltered from conflicts of interest, we can offer our clients investment solutions that are truly suited to their needs.

In practice, this means conviction strategies for an institutional, professional and sophisticated clientele. Our clients' satisfaction is our first priority, whether we're working with segregated mandates or an extensive range of investment funds.


Your success is our success. We provide you with our expertise and privileged access to all of our resources every day. By building successful long-lasting parternships, we earn your trust.

Our real advantage is that we know how to perfectly meet the expectations of independent managers.
Jean-Marc Vallet
Jean-Marc Vallet Head of SYZ Independent Managers


We provide US investors with the benefit of our expertise in international markets together with the traditional advantages of a Swiss private bank. Our management company SYZ Swiss Advisors is registered  with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It works with clientele who demand the highest quality of service.

Our sophisticated management and international expertise perfectly meet the needs of U.S. investors who want to diversify their investments.
Thomas Lysser
Thomas Lysser CEO SYZ Swiss Advisors


Our goal is to offer a curated investment experience in segments of private markets overlooked by most traditional investors because of their size, complexity or inadequate duration. SYZ Capital strives to ensure alignment of interest of all parties by being actively involved in every transaction it undertakes.

Beyond capital, we're interested in your projects.
Marc Syz
Marc Syz Managing Partner SYZ Capital