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SYZ Group cements profitability in 2017 18 April 2018

The Swiss banking group SYZ has posted positive results for the 2017 financial year.

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SYZ Asset Management “Best Group over 3 years – Overall Small Company” 20 March 2018

SYZ Asset Management, the institutional management arm of the SYZ

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The SYZ icons take on colour 15 March 2018

Swiss banking group SYZ is unveiling its new advertising campaign focused on iconic personalities.

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New global Equity Premia fund launched 22 February 2018

SYZ Asset Management (“SYZ AM”), the institutional asset management arm of the SYZ Group, has expanded its offering of quantitative

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SYZ press office

+41 (0)58 799 15 42

Hirzel. Neef. Schmid. Konsulenten

+41 (0)43 344 42 55

Guido Bernardi

+39 02 66 98 12 47


+34 91 700 02 57


+33 (0)1 85 08 54 45

Kaso Legg Communications

+44 (0) 203 781 7768

Public Imaging

+49 (0)40 401 999 24

Backstage Communication

+32 (0)10 24 21 84

SYZ press office

+41 (0)58 799 15 42

Corporate documents
CHF 37.2 Bn
Assets under management
Offices around the world
CET1 solvency ratio


Fabrizio Quirighetti
Fabrizio Quirighetti Macroeconomic Strategist
Hartwig Kos
Hartwig Kos Multi Asset Portfolio Manager
Adrien Pichoud
Adrien Pichoud Economist
Roberto Magnatantini
Roberto Magnatantini Head of Global Equities
Michael Clements
Michael Clements European Equities Expert
Claire Shaw
Claire Shaw European Mid & Small Cap Equities Expert
Joël Le Saux
Joël Le Saux Head of Japan Equities / Portfolio Manager
Andrea Garbelotto
Andrea Garbelotto Head of European Corporate Bonds
Antonio Ruggeri
Antonio Ruggeri European Credit Expert
Maurice Harari
Maurice Harari Multi Asset Portfolio Manager
Guido Bolliger
Guido Bolliger Quantitative Portfolio Manager
Claude Cornioley
Claude Cornioley Quantitative Portfolio Manager
Cedric Vuignier
Cedric Vuignier Alternative Investments Expert
Luc Filip
Luc Filip Head of Wealth Management Investments
Yasmina Barin
Yasmina Barin Head of Advisory
Michalis Ditsas
Michalis Ditsas Investment Specialist

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