Freedom and trust

Our investment teams consist of experienced and complementary asset managers. We have created an environment which promotes the expression of new ideas and discussion.

We put you at the heart of our approach

We start by listening to you, then we provide you with the right solutions.

Active conviction management

When you follow the markets, you always end up behind them. We are benchmark-agnostic and seek out investments ideas which can run against market trends.


Forging convictions, especially sticking to them, requires in-depth research.

A focus on quality

Size rarely goes hand-in-hand with performance. We therefore focus on a limited number of strategies where our expertise can be fully exploited.

Risk management

It enables us to frame our convictions. In order to be effective, we have placed it at the heart of our investment process, with the goal of protecting the assets entrusted to us.


We have created an atmosphere that is based on openness. Building mutual trust between you and us is a priority.


Doing what we say and saying what we do is our motto. We are successful thanks to our clear and transparent communication.