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What will stop the equity bear market?
What will stop the equity bear market?

Global stocks market indices are on the cusp of entering bear market territory, being down around 20% from their late 2021 all-time-highs. What wou [...]

The week in seven charts
The week in seven charts

S&P 500 down for the 6th consecutive week Nowhere to hide as inflation soars. Tech stocks and crypto take a beating, while value stocks outper [...]

A soft landing with scary turbulence

Global equity markets are nearing bear market territory, being down nearly 20% from their recent peak. The acceleration of the market pullback seem [...]

Our currency, your problem

So said a former U.S. Treasury Secretary in 1971 to other finance ministers struggling with the soaring dollar. 50 years later, the strength of the [...]

The week in seven charts

Rate hikes abound across the world, following in the Fed’s footsteps. Volatility is peaking, tech stocks aren’t out of the woods and the US adminis [...]

Hawkish fed but not more than feared

Yesterday, as expected, The Federal Reserve increased its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point, in line with market expectations. In [...]

How Russia rescued the ruble

Despite the sanctions, the ruble is at its highest level in 2 years against the euro. What are the reasons behind this rebound? Will the Russian cu [...]