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Will the Swiss franc continue to appreciate against the euro?

Several factors seem to indicate that the euro may continue to depreciate against the franc, even though most of the bad news seems to be discounte [...]

US equities: reasons to be cheerful, reasons to be fearful

Since its June lows, the S&P 500 has rebounded more than 15%. Is this the beginning of a new bull market or an opportunity to further reduce po [...]

The week in seven charts
The week in 7 charts

The summer rally continues Non profitable stocks and cryptos coming back to life, as US inflation finally gives investors some breathing space. E [...]

Has the stock market hit bottom?

It seems that equity and bond markets now believe that the Fed will get inflation under control and that it will soon pause its rate hikes cycle, w [...]

Is Ethereum’s long-awaited “The Merge” upgrade a game changer?

The price of Ether (ETH) rebounded strongly in July. Renewed risk appetite certainly played a role, but some investors are looking positively at a [...]

The week in 7 charts

US employment back to pre-covid levels Energy sector carrying the S&P 500 earnings growth, while Fed rate hike expectations rise again. Each w [...]

10 timeless personal investment principles

This summer has left investors with very little time to relax. Nevertheless, it is a good time to (re)consider some basic principles of saving and [...]