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For some of us, crypto-currencies is an unknown world that might feel unsettling; for others it has become a new “common” investable asset class alongside equities, bonds or funds. Our goal at Syz is to offer you a solution that matches your needs, regardless of your current situation: whether you have never invested in crypto-currencies, have done so but don’t feel comfortable with your current custody solution, or have already gathered significant experience in the field, Syz Crypto will offer you a new and distinctive added value: building a bridge between traditional and decentralized finance. By allowing you to have four tokens deposited with your bank, and to trade on those tokens through your banker, you indeed gain a unique combination of security and convenience – not to mention that it allows you to get a global vision of your consolidated wealth within your bank reporting. Being innovative by nature, we believe it is our mission to constantly develop our offering to best serve you. For the future.”

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Crypto is a service and a statement: For the future…

Solid custody is at the heart of our offer as digital assets continue their journey from fringe thinking to mainstream asset class. As a regulated Swiss private bank with a solid rating in one of the most regulated banking environments in the world, we offer high levels of security and accountability. As custodian bank, we can manage the blockchain Bank Syz address for your account and secure your private keys safely.
Our team is also able to offer you access to the execution of your digital assets orders on the market, as well as the ability to carry out digital assets deposits/withdrawals from/to your external blockchain addresses. By giving every client a view of their individual digital assets investments, we are able to deliver the high level of service we pride ourselves on.
Always for the future – we view the nascent digital assets as an asset class with high potential to offer to our clients who are interested in diversification opportunities to grow their wealth as markets and personal circumstances allow. For those with substantial existing digital assets portfolios, we offer secure custody services. 

Our experts

Valerie Noël
Valerie Noël Head of Trading
Charles-Henry Monchau
Charles-Henry Monchau Chief Investment officer
Jérôme Bouffaut
Jérôme Bouffaut IT Project Manager
Boris Chave
Boris Chave Chief Operating Officer
Pascal Wolf
Pascal Wolf Compliance Officer

Our Syz Crypto Contact

Patrick Yao
Patrick Yao Relationship Manager
Jens Van Poucke
Jens Van Poucke Relationship Manager