Head of Investment Specialists

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  • Nível de experiência : Senior
  • Atividade : Asset Management
  • Escritórios : Geneva

Lead team of specialists focused on investment-related content production and review, contribute to investment solution idea generation and support the sales / asset raising effort by maintaining close relationships with relevant teams across the Group. The role is established to be a connection between the investment team and the marketing and sales teams.

Suas missões

Team Management

  • Establish measurable KPIs for the Team, which can be shared with the wider organization in order to make clear Team responsibilities.
  • Ensure accuracy of and propose developments / improvements
  • Set and enforce product content delivery guidelines and processes
  • Provide the Head of Products & Marketing regular reporting on team activity, issues and errors.
  • Manage use of any 3rd party service providers
  • Manage the career progression of Team members, coaching as needed.

Content Production & Review

  • Take a lead role in the production of all investment related content that pertains to both the primary asset class(es) / investment strategy(ies) that they follow (as agreed with the Head of Products & Marketing) as well as support for other asset classes and strategies, as needed from time to time.
  • The investment specialist is expected to be a content expert and will ensure a deep understanding of the asset classes, strategies and funds/portfolios they are responsible for. This includes, but is not limited to, regular and frequent attendance at all relevant investment meetings and calls.
  • The investment specialist will also be called upon to provide expert reviews of marketing-related materials, such as RFPs, presentation, website/social media content, media-related publications and content and others.
  • Ensure quality of information prepared and presented, including consistency with Group’s philosophy, branding and messaging across the suite of materials.
  • The Head of the Team is expected to organize Team resources to ensure efficiency of the above items as it relates their function and similar activities by the Team.

Contribution to Investment Solutions

  • As the team closest to the investment team, and in their role to support asset raising, the investment specialist is required to use their broad knowledge and collaborative character to support innovation and investment solution proposals.
  • The investment specialist shall also contribute and provide feedback internally and their understanding of current best practices.
  • The investment specialist may, depending on the project, be called up to participate in remuneration proposal exercises for new or re-negotiated client investments.

Support of Asset Raising

  • While the investment specialist is essentially a representative of the investment team, the ultimate goal of the role is to support asset raising and client retention.
  • KPI’s for the role will include level and quality of interaction with business development Group members.
  • The Head of the Team is expected to play a key role with regarding to being the bridge between SAM and other internal areas of SAM product/solution demand within the broader Syz Group. This is expected to be a pro-active role, with idea-generation expected on how to increase new business opportunities and better maintain existing business.
  • Engage in a certain amount of travel to support client/prospect meetings, explaining the asset class(es), investment strategy(ies) that they cover.
  • Attendance at industry events/conferences may be required from time to time in order to raise the visibility of the Group and generate interest from investors.
  • As part of their activities in surveying the market and competing products, to engage with sales where new business opportunities/or potential ones are identified. It is not the role of the investment specialist to make first contact, but rather to support business development is lead generation.
  • Participate regularly in internal and external educational sessions on products and strategies.
Seu perfil

Professional experience:

  • Extensive experience across all asset classes, with particular expertise on multi-asset and alternative solutions.
  • Able to clearly articulate and express technical aspects of strategies
  • Strong and demonstrable client focus, ideally having been in client-facing role
  • In-depth market/macro understanding and curiosity
  • Experience in writing thought-leadership pieces
  • CFA or equivalent desired
  • At least 10 years experience in similar role
  • Experience in management/team leader role

Personality characteristics:

  • Organised, collegial, detail-oriented, self-starter

Language requirements:

  • Strong verbal and written English. French and/or German also desired


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