Bank Syz to offer highly secure Swiss-based cryptocurrency services

Lunedì, 12/05/2022

Geneva, Monday 5 December - Bank Syz, a leading innovator in Swiss banking, will now offer cryptocurrency custody and trading services to its growing Swiss and international client base. The new setup enables the safekeeping and trading of four major cryptocurrencies for clients: Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Polygon (MATIC) and Chainlink (LINK).

Lunedì 05/12/2022 - 17:24

A forward-looking offering aligned with Bank Syz’s history of innovation

In launching its new offering, ‘Syz Crypto’, Bank Syz has selected Taurus, the European digital asset infrastructure leader for banks – and its custody solution Taurus-Protect –, to secure its clients’ cryptocurrencies. For trading purposes, Bank Syz has selected leading platforms that offer services on par with the bank’s high diligence and excellence standards. This new offer places Bank Syz among the very few Swiss private banks that can provide such a service.

Security and accountability of a regulated Swiss bank

Bank Syz has also created a team of dedicated experts to ensure its clients’ digital assets are handled with the same level of care and professionalism as traditional assets. As a regulated Swiss Private Bank with a solid rating in one of the banking environments with the highest regulatory standards in the world, Bank Syz offers levels of security and accountability that go beyond the reach of many non-bank cryptocurrency specialists.

Commenting on the announcement, Charles-Henry Monchau, Bank Syz CIO said:

“Thanks to our partnership with Taurus, we now offer our clients the convenience of accessing the digital asset world through a regulated custodian with strong investor protection and supervision. Syz Crypto also enables our clients to get a holistic view of their traditional and digital assets in their bank reporting.”

Valérie Noël, Head of Trading at Bank Syz adds:

“Bank Syz is among the most innovative Swiss private banks. With our new digital assets solution, we can offer a consolidated “one-stop shop” access to a broad range of financial instruments to clients. We are hence building a bridge between traditional and decentralised finance.”

With the recent arrival of Richard Byworth as Managing Partner of Syz Capital, the Group’s alternative investments arm, Syz Group is setting itself up to become a leading digital assets service provider in private banking. His experience in digital assets will be of great value to the Group as it looks at building up its competencies in this space, both from a banking and an investment standpoint.