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A soft landing with scary turbulence

Global equity markets are nearing bear market territory, being down nearly 20% from their recent peak. The acceleration of the market pullback seem [...]

Hawkish fed but not more than feared

Yesterday, as expected, The Federal Reserve increased its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point, in line with market expectations. In [...]

Market Insights - Q2/2022
Market Insights - Q2/2022

A consolidated view of the markets, across geographies and asset classes.

Not out of the woods yet
Not out of the woods yet

Our leading indicators (macro & fundamental) continue to point towards challenges for equity markets. From a technical standpoint, the long-ter [...]

Fed meeting: Pragmatic, Constructive, Flexible

Yesterday, the Fed's FOMC tightened interest rates for the first time since December 2018. This first step came as no surprise to investors around [...]

European Central Bank Monetary Policy update

Today, the European Central Bank held its monetary policy meeting. This session was highly anticipated in the current context of high uncertainties [...]

The Facts, the Knowns and the Unknowns

We have been gradually reducing our exposure to equities and credit over the last few months based not only on fundamental & technical indicato [...]

Time for risk management

SPECIAL ASSET ALLOCATION INSIGHTS The Russia-Ukraine conflict has pushed geopolitical risk to a very high level and is having a meaningful impact [...]

Russia - Ukraine crisis: Peak fear?

The fact that Russian tanks are entering the streets of Donetsk means that there is a risk of escalation and that things could easily spiral out of [...]