Charles-Henry Monchau Charles-Henry Monchau

Chief Investment officer

The Hybrid Investment Advisor

The financial advisor of the 21st century takes on the appearance of a cyborg, combining robo-advisors with human financial planners.

The week in seven charts

A strong week for oil prices Uncorrelated strategies make hedge funds this year’s winning play, equities continue to drop and OPEC+ fights falling [...]

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Q3 Review: The “everything down” market

The third quarter was a very volatile quarter for financial markets with an astonishingly wide set of declines across all the major asset classes. I [...]

The UK crisis: a warning to the rest of the world?

Disastrous economic policies of successive UK governments are at the root of this crisis and the collapse of UK assets. But beware, other countries [...]

The week in seven charts

Balanced portfolios down for a third consecutive quarter  $57.8 trillion skimmed off the US equity and bond markets since last year, while GBP/BT [...]

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Diversification versus concentration. And the winner is…

In the current market environment, many equity managers emphasise portfolio diversification as a means of reducing risk. Are they on the wrong path? [...]

The week in seven charts

The pound sterling reached its lowest price A flurry of rate hikes by global central banks, no end in sight for bond market turmoil, while oil sto [...]