We work with private clients, family offices and independent asset managers to manage wealth and provide management, advisory and custodian services.

We offer our clients a wide range of services through 11 offices in Europe and around the world:  

  • BANQUE SYZ SA is the Group's Swiss bank. It provides a wide array of management services for private clients and independent asset managers. In addition to the head office in Geneva, it also has other Swiss offices in Zurich, Lugano and Locarno. The Bank has international representation in Miami and Johannesburg.
  • SYZ BANK (BAHAMAS) LTD is the Group's Bahamian entity. Based in Nassau, it provides management services to private clients and independent asset managers.
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  • SYZ SWISS ADVISORS SA: Based in Zurich, the management company is registered with the SEC, the American supervisory authority, and provides management services to American clients.
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  • SYZ CAPITAL SA is a Private Markets investment and advisory specialist based in Zurich, offering privileged access to attractive investments in Private Equity, Private Debt and Real Estate.
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We create value for Swiss and international institutional investors (companies, pension funds, foundations) as well as for financial intermediaries (banks, investment funds and insurance companies). SYZ Asset Management investment strategies are  sold under the OYSTER brand  and are available as segregated mandates or investment funds.
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SYZ ASSET MANAGEMENT is organised around four legal entities in Europe: 

  • SYZ Asset Management (Suisse) SA houses several functions in Geneva and Zurich as well as the management teams for multi-asset, fixed-income, Japanese and global equity strategies.
  • SYZ Asset Management (Europe) Limited is our management unit located in London and Edinburgh. The Milan, Munich and Madrid branches directly report to the management unit. The company provides European equity, multi-asset and European credit management skills.
  • SYZ Asset Management (Luxembourg) SA manages and administers the investment funds of our Luxembourg mutual funds.
  • SYZ France SASU oversees fund distribution in France.