Alternative Investments Insights
Alternative Investment Insights is a four-monthly review that analyses the universe of alternative investments through a chart for each major strategy.

HIGHLIGHTS Macroeconomics recovered but depend on the outcome of a vaccine against COVID-19 We believe the environment is optimal for hedge funds [...]


Hedge Funds have not been in this situation for a long time 

September to December 2019

In an environment where most asset classes went up, the hedge fund industry had one of its best years in a decade. Most strategies were up, except [...]

May to August 2019

We are very glad to announce that last June we received the prestigious 2019 HFM European Award Fund of Hedge Fund specialists for our fund of fund [...]

January to April 2019

After a challenging Q4 2018, we witnessed one of the best starts to the year for hedge funds since 2006.

September to December 2018

2018 was a challenging year but Hedge funds outperformed the equity market.

January to April 2018

The "trade war" between China and the US, the rising US interest rate and huge trend reversals have created significant performance dispersions amo [...]

September to December 2017

2017 was finally a good year for the hedge fund industry after three difficult ones. Our two strategies performed above target last year.

November 2017

The period was characterised by strong performance across the hedge fund industry. We were especially glad to see our equity long bias allocation b [...]