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Market Outlook - H2/2022
Market Outlook - H2/2022

Economic growth is likely to remain positive during the second half of the year, supported by the reopening of the Chinese economy.

Russia - Ukraine crisis: Peak fear?

The fact that Russian tanks are entering the streets of Donetsk means that there is a risk of escalation and that things could easily spiral out of [...]

2022 Market Outlook

By most measures, 2021 will be remembered as an extraordinary year for global risk assets and the world economy. At the time of writing, stocks, ho [...]

Market Outlook - H2 2021

Covid recoveries push global growth to four-decade high.

2021 MARKET OUTLOOK - No vaccine for low growth

After an extraordinary 2020, on so many levels, many investors can’t wait to put the year behind us. The US election, for all its noise, has not re [...]

Vaccine delivers a shot-in-the-arm for risk assets

Although the global economy remains mired in a ‘Japanification’ scenario – the prevailing state of lower rates and slower growth – positive news of [...]

Now is not the time to be brave on equities

We are living in extraordinary times. As second wave fears ripple out across Europe, uncertainty over Brexit reigns and a changing of the guard loo [...]

Protecting against downside risk as recovery loses steam

The deepest trough of the coronavirus crisis is now far behind us. Following an impressive rebound from March and April lows, economic activity has [...]

Why equity markets are enjoying the best of a difficult situation

Equity markets have enjoyed a three-month rally, but should investors fear a false dawn? At first glance, it is easy to spot what might derail the [...]