Charles-Henry Monchau Charles-Henry Monchau

Chief Investment officer

Diversification versus concentration. And the winner is…

In the current market environment, many equity managers emphasise portfolio diversification as a means of reducing risk. Are they on the wrong path? [...]

The week in seven charts

The pound sterling reached its lowest price A flurry of rate hikes by global central banks, no end in sight for bond market turmoil, while oil sto [...]

Fomc Decision: Hawkish dots, economic pain the price to pay

After today’s hike, The Fed Funds rate will have increased by the most amount since the six months ending March 1981.

The East-West divide

2022 seems to mark a turning point in international relations, with major implications for the global economy and financial markets. 

The week in 7 charts

U.S. inflation surprises to the upside  The Nasdaq produces worst weekly performance since January, US inflation not cooling as expected, while bon [...]

Investing in IPOs: Seven pitfalls to avoid

For decades, IPOs have very often been a source of excitement for investors. But there is a cognitive bias that leads us to only remember the succe [...]

‘Not a time to be brave’

Global equity markets declined in August, ending the rebound that began in July. Most of the economic data released last month points to an economi [...]