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The Hybrid Investment Advisor

The financial advisor of the 21st century takes on the appearance of a cyborg, combining robo-advisors with human financial planners.

Q3 Review: The “everything down” market

The third quarter was a very volatile quarter for financial markets with an astonishingly wide set of declines across all the major asset classes. I [...]

The UK crisis: a warning to the rest of the world?

Disastrous economic policies of successive UK governments are at the root of this crisis and the collapse of UK assets. But beware, other countries [...]

Diversification versus concentration. And the winner is…

In the current market environment, many equity managers emphasise portfolio diversification as a means of reducing risk. Are they on the wrong path? [...]

The East-West divide

2022 seems to mark a turning point in international relations, with major implications for the global economy and financial markets. 

Investing in IPOs: Seven pitfalls to avoid

For decades, IPOs have very often been a source of excitement for investors. But there is a cognitive bias that leads us to only remember the succe [...]

Is the dollar strong by default?

The strength of the greenback is one of the major economic developments of 2022. The US dollar index, which measures the value of the dollar agains [...]

The end of the petrodollar?

The “Oil for dollars” deal between OPEC and the US has been in place since the 1970s. However, multiple geopolitical and economic factors could cha [...]

Before dancing to the beat of samba, Brazilians will need to endure a political waltz

Brazilian elections are coming up and the contest, which promises to be tight, will be determinant for the near future of the Brazilian economy. Be [...]